Opera de Paris Garnier

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The Opera de Paris Garnier is an architecturally elegant building in Paris France.  It was built in the 19th century by Charles Garnier in an eclectic style.

The facade of the building features beautiful sculptures, columns and friezes.  Its interior is decorated with eye-catching paintings, mosaics and a grand staircase.

Opera Garnier in Paris France
Opera Garnier, Paris France

Opéra Garnier is the primary venue for opera, dance performances and other events in Paris France.  Its claim-to-fame, however, is to be home to the notorious "Phantom of the Opera".

The opera house was commissioned by Napoleon III and designed by Charles Garnier in the 19th century.  It is located at the north end of the Avenue de l'Opera in the IXe arrondissement of Paris.

Opera Garnier is located in the Champs Elysees District of Paris.


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