Louvre Sully Wing

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The Louvre Museum in Paris is structured like an upside-down "U".  At the far back is the Sully Wing.  To the left is the Richelieu Wing and on the right is the Denon Wing.

The glass pyramid is located at the centre of the "U". Each of the three wings has four floors:

  1. Rez-de-Chaussee (ground floor - first floor)
  2. Entresol (mezzanine above the ground floor)
  3. 1er Etage (second floor)
  4. 2me Etage (third floor)
Sully Wing of the Louvre Museum, Paris France
Sully Wing of the Louvre Museum

The Sully Wing of the Louvre features famous French paintings (third floor) and historical treasures from ancient Greece and Egypt (first and second floors).

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